Welcome to Tour With Us!

Come with us and be delighted with our culinary tours that will take you on an extraordinary journey to discover the unknown Italy where you will taste and see things that you have never experienced before. We truly believe this will be an unforgettable experience! Come tour with us!

Treat Yourself

to an unique experience

Smaller tour-group sizes not only means access to more places, it also means that we are able to stay at smaller boutique-style hotels. You’ll enjoy excellent customer service, clean, comfortable rooms, and modern amenities, all amongst picturesque landscapes. Treat yourself to more charming accommodations when you tour with us!

Taste Italy

As a Real Italian

Part of the pleasure of traveling with us is that you will experience Italy in the hands of two authentic Italians: chef Gianfranco and host Stefano, born and raised in Milan. Rest assured that you will be treated to culinary delights and attractions not available to larger, corporate-run tours. You will see and taste Italy as a real Italian!

Have Fun

When You Tour With Us

Our smaller group sizes stem from our desire to be able to provide you with the utmost care possible. Our time together will be more intimate, thus allowing us to continue to adapt and stay flexible to each person's needs which will create an atmosphere of spontaneity and interactivity. Expect to have fun when you tour with us!